I, Chelsea, am a second generation jeweler. I am apprenticing my father and learning the trade of metal work as well as CAD design, casting and stone setting. My father, Gary Swank opened his first jewelry store in 1973, it was called The Silver Hammer he eventually changed the name to Gary Swank Jewelers. Our workshop is located in downtown Portland Oregon.
As a kid I would come in on take your kid to work days and on holidays and weekends but had not been bit by the metalwork bug yet. Around the age of 25 I started hanging around the shop and became interested in learning the craft and officially started to apprentice my father to learn the jewelry trade. Shortly after I started here my younger brother, Grayam, decided to come on board as well, he was here until about 2015. My mom Karen also works here doing metalwork and finishing.
We are a family owned and operated shop and all of the work is done in house, from the design idea to the wax, casting, metalwork and stone setting and polishing and finishing.
Our goal is to make beautiful and unique heirloom quality jewelry.

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