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Natural Garnets

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  1. 2.27ct Natural Purple Garnet Elongated Hexagon
    Sold Out
  2. 2.78ct Natural Fantasy Cut Umba Garnet
  3. 1.29ct Natural Mali Garnet Round - Star Brite Cut by John Dyer
  4. 1.66ct Natural Mali Garnet Oval - Star Brite Cut by John Dyer
  5. 2.01ct Natural Modified Oval Checkerboard Cut Malaya Mahenge Garnet
  6. 1.41ct Natural Round Cut Malaya Mahenge Garnet
  7. 1.63ct Natural Round Cut Umba Garnet
  8. 2.81ct Natural Oval Cut Malaya Mahenge Garnet
  9. 1.69ct Natural Oval Mandarin Garnet
  10. .60 Mint Green Merelani Garnet Marquise
  11. 1.81ct Round Cut Natural Mahenge Garnet
    Sold Out
  12. 1.45ct Natural Round Cut Umba Garnet
  13. 1.41 Natural Malaya Garnet Marquise
  14. 1.15ct Natural Malaya Garnet Pear
  15. 1.76ct Natural Color Change Purple Pyrope Garnet Pear