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  1. Ready to Ship - Rainbow Aura Angel Pendants and Coffin Skeleton Charm Catacomb Memento Mori 14k Gold Skull Necklace
    Sold Out
  2. Artemis Pendant with Emerald Cut Rhodolite Garnet and Diamonds - 14k Rose Gold Handmade Jewelry with Crescent Moon & Stars
  3. Ready to Ship - Rose Cut Moissanite Moon Drop Pendants with Irradiated Purple or Yellow Diamonds - 14k Yellow Gold & 14k White Gold
  4. 14k gold peridot oregon sunstone faerie butterfly necklace fantasy jewelry swankmetalsmithing
    Sold Out
  5. Rainbow Aura Angel Pendant - Catacomb Memento Mori Gold Skull Necklace with Natural Sapphires - Gothic Fine Jewelry
  6. 14k Yellow Gold and Moonstone Moon Phase Bar Pendant with Alexandrite - Lunar Bohemian Necklace
  7. peridot butterfly fairy pendant 14k gold