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  1. 1.48ct Natural Color Shift Sapphire - Zig Zag Cut by John Dyer
  2. 1.35ct Natural Half Moon Yellow Sapphire - Star Brite Cut by John Dyer
  3. 1.71ct Natural Round Yellow Sapphire - Star Brite Cut by John Dyer
  4. 2.57ct Natural Bi color Tourmaline - Star Brite Cut by John Dyer
  5. Ready to Ship Size 6-8 Green Diamond Bramble Engagement Ring with Rose Cut Oval & Pear Diamonds and Forest Chevron Wedding Band - Nature Inspired Fine Jewelry
  6. 1.01ct Irradiated Natural Green Round Brilliant Diamond
  7. 1.02ct Irradiated Natural Seafoam Pear Diamond
  8. 1.70ct Natural Green Madagascar Sapphire Hexagon
  9. Sparkling Cosmos celestial engagement ring lab diamond 14k gold moon stars fantasy jewelry
  10. Ready to Ship Size 6-8 Odile Black Diamond Marquise Engagement Ring 3 Piece Set with Pear Side Stones and Gold Scrolls - Gothic Fairytale Dark Romance 14k Rose Gold Handmade Ring