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  1. Custom for Sheila 14x7mm Green Moissanite Marquise
    Sold Out
  2. 1.10ct Round Cut Seafoam Moissanite
    Sold Out
  3. 1.86ct Deep Green Moissanite Marquise
    Sold Out
  4. 1.90ct Fairy Mint Green Moissanite Marquise
  5. 1.73ct Deep Green Moissanite Marquise
  6. 1.34ct Oval Green Moissanite 8x6mm
  7. 1.89ct Soft Pink Moissanite Marquise 12x6mm
    Sold Out
  8. 1.16ct Round Cut Green Moissanite 7mm
  9. 2.07ct Oval Cut Teal Moissanite 9x7mm
  10. 1.21ct Round Cut Seafoam Moissanite 7mm
    Sold Out
  11. 1.73ct Round Teal Moissanite 8mm
  12. 1.12ct Pear Green Moissanite 9x6mm
  13. 1.48ct Round Teal Moissanite 7.5mm
  14. 1.40ct Oval Teal Moissanite 8x6mm
    Sold Out
  15. 1.89ct Step Cut Gray Moissanite Elongated Hexagon
  16. 1.89ct Black Moissanite Elongated Hexagon
  17. 1.74ct Moissanite Elongated Hexagon
  18. 1.38ct Oval Light Seafoam Moissanite 8x6mm