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Freya Engagement Ring with Leaves and Pear Salt & Pepper Diamond - Custom Pick your Center Stone - 14k White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

  • $1,650.00
Material & Center Stone

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Gemstones vary in their hardness and durability. Softer gems require more care.

Example of softer gems - pearls, moonstone, quartz.

Example of harder gems - sapphire and diamonds.

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If you have a high shine silver ring that you want to stay as shiny as
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Freya Engagement Ring with Leaves and Pear Salt & Pepper Diamond - Custom Pick your Center Stone - 14k White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Freya is the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, gold, sex and death.

This Freya ring has tiny golden leaves trailing from your choice of center stone. You can also choose your side gems, the the largest 3 which are set on the left and right of the center stone and in the star/sun disk above the center stone can be set with either black of white diamonds. The 14 tiny diamonds nestled into the leaves can be set with black, white or honey champagne diamonds.
The black diamonds are natural and heat treated to make their color solid. The white diamonds are natural VS white diamonds. and the honey champagne diamonds are natural as well.

The white gold ring shown in the photos has all white diamonds sides. The yellow gold ring shown in the photos has black diamonds for the larger 3 settings and honey champagne for the tiny side diamonds.

The side diamonds minus the rose cut salt & pepper pear diamond have a combined carat weight of approximately .17 carats.

There is a natural rose cut salt & pepper pear diamond dangling below the center diamond from a string of tiny diamonds. The pear diamond weighs .10 carats.

Your ring will be made to order with your choice of gems and metal. The Freya ring can be cast in 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold or 14k palladium white gold.

Please leave me a note with your ring size at checkout.

We do not plate any of our metals and they are nickel free.

The Freya ring is about 18mm's wide at the top and 1.6mm's wide at the back of the band.

Center stone options -
#1) 1.37ct 6mm Lab color change Alexandrite cabochon
#2) 1.48ct 6mm Rhodolite Garnet cabochon
#3) .82 ct. 6mm Rose cut Smoky Quartz
#4) 1.10 ct 6mm natural Rose Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond
#5) 1.03 ct 6.25mm Rose cut Gray Diamond
#6) 1.09ct 6.35mm Rose cut Salt & Pepper Diamond
#7) 1.51ct 6.55mm Rose cut Gray Diamond
#8) 1.38ct 7mm Rose cut Gray Diamond
#9) 1.26 ct 7mm Oregon Sunstone Cabochon
#10) 1.88ct 7mm Rose cut Almandine Garnet
#11) .78 ct 6mm Chatham Crystal Opal cabochon
#12) 1.07ct 7mm Chatham Black Opal cabochon

♦ We use only conflict free stones and recycled metals.

♦ Unsure of your ring size? Please select the smallest size when checking out and I will send you a ring sizer in the mail after purchase to confirm your size.